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MAA Architects, Inc. is a boutique design firm engaged in the practices of Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design. Our practice is guided by the belief that architectural design should be generated by the context of its surroundings, the people who will inhabit the space, and client criteria.

We are a unique firm because we specialize in a wide range of building typologies, as opposed to the standard one-specialty-shop. We believe this differentiates us from other firms because we are experienced in nearly every type of design, thus we have a diverse background of design studies to pull from to create unique structures and spaces of every genre. Some of our experience in designing and constructing structures includes single and multi-family residential, mixed use, commercial/retail, office buildings, medical buildings and spec suites, industrial, charter schools, assisted living, hospitality, interiors, and master planning. 

Our intent as a firm is to create original design; that is, to create sites, spaces, and structures which exhibit a timeless quality. We design environments that are inviting regardless of typology and locale. It is our contention that the vitality and beauty of the built environment plays a crucial role in a productive and healthy community.

MAA Architects possesses extensive and diverse experience in project design, management, and implementation. We have provided diverse design services for public agencies, municipalities, corporations, and private entities. Extensive experience with the construction industry has prompted MAA Architects to become involved with numerous design/build projects. 

The buildings and spaces designed by MAA Architects are innovative while being cost effective and built within prescribed construction schedules. We combine the expertise of principals, architects, planners, designers, and technical personnel of MAA Architects to come to unique solutions for each project and enhancing the beauty of the built community.

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