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At MAA, we believe the creative process plays a crucial role in the development of complete, well-designed and innovative buildings, communities and spaces. We firmly believe the skill of free-handing design helps us connect our design intentions to our clients in an understandable and beautiful manner. Our process begins when the principle and designers collect information from the client about the site, digest the site parameters, and sketch multiple design alternatives which lead to finished hand drawings. We use a variety of techniques to bring the drawings to life such as hand-coloring or computerized rendering. We then discuss the design with our client, develop more studies until an approximate conclusion has been reached, and eventually start the process of designing through computer programs. 

Continuing to switch between computerized and hand drawings helps us to examine the structures from multiple perspectives and ultimately leads to a more comprehensive product. Our clients also often tell us that they love the hand drawing technique. For us, the process of quickly sifting through many design alternatives is imperative to achieving the best design possible that satisfies our clients' needs.

MAA continues to develop a project through construction documents, and many into construction administration. Collaboration between architects, engineers, construction managers, and contractors ensures that the project is carried out in the most cost-effective and timely manner. 

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