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Prominent Projects: Stone Brewery, Makena Medical, La Terraza Office Building, Lakeside Village, Menifee Assisted Living

Edward’s professional experience encompassed over 40 years with some of the largest architectural firms in the country, most notably Murphy/Jahn in Chicago, where Edward was involved in the design of high-rise office buildings, hotels, corporate centers, and the O’Hare Airport Expansion Project. 

Edward graduated with honors in 1975 from the University of Illinois, earning a Master of Architecture degree in design. He received several distinguished awards as a result of his academic achievements, including the Francis Plym Fellowship, the Ryerson Fellowship for Design and the American Institute of Architects School Medal. 


In 1989, Edward founded MAA Architects, Inc. in Carlsbad, California. Since its inception, MAA has provided architectural design, planning, and development services for a number of client uses that include charter schools, office buildings, industrial, R&D, commercial/retail, educational facilities, residential, and mixed-use projects. MAA designed the master plan for Escondido Research and Technology Center (ERTC), a 180-acre corporate office, medical, and industrial campus. MAA was responsible for the design of the Stone Brewery, also located in ERTC. In Carlsbad, MAA designed Cannon Court, which includes West Steakhouse and Bistro, West Inn Hotel, and Service Station as well as the Grand Madison condominiums.  Notable healthcare projects include: Tri-City Medical Office Building, Menifee Meadows Assisted Living  in Menifee and Parker Medical in Temecula.

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